What is a Health Coach?

A holistic health coach focuses on the entire individual by integrating physical, nutritional, emotional, mental, relational, spiritual, and career aspects as a means to health and wellness. Guided conversation allows for exploration into areas that need attention and support, helping an individual create actionable small lifestyle changes to create sustainable progress and change. The focus becomes finding balanced lifestyle unique to each individual and not on quick fixes.

my role as a holistic integrative nutrition health coach

As an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach I will walk alongside you through your health and wellness journey. We will walk through nutrition as well as lifestyle and I will guide you in making small changes that will help you reach goals. The tools that you learn will be able to serve you even after we work together! With my background as a dancer, I am able to speak to dancers and students through an understanding lense with my own experiences to provide health and wellness insight unique to dancers. I look beyond the experiences surrounding dance and explore other aspects in a dancer’s life to encourage and support healthy changes. Specifically, my knowledge in anxiety, perfectionism, finding a healthy diet that supports an individual dancer, coping with injuries, and creating positive mindsets are geared specifically for dancers inside of their training or career.

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